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1.  IIS has sponsored the Thanksgiving Interfaith luncheon by hosting members from several religious denominations in the local community for the past 10 years 
2. Onsite medical clinic for community members since inception
3. Sponsor monthly delivery of a shopping cart of various items (food, toiletries etc.) to Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) for past five years
4. IIS members have a long history of serving on the TASK Board. Three IIS members currently serve on the TASK Board.
5. IIS members & volunteers from Mercer County Muslims against Hunger help sponsor & help meals once a month at TASK
6. IIS youth help deliver food/sandwiches in Trenton occasionally 
7. IIS members sponsor & help serve a meal once a week at a local Church (in E. Windsor)
8. IIS back-to-school appeal in August/September delivers backpacks filled with stationary items to Homefront & TASK
9. IIS clothing drive helped Rescue Mission of Trenton break Guinness Book of World Record for largest ever collection of clothing (11/15)
10. IIS members help found the Medina Community Clinic in Hamilton ( Medina was founded to provide specialty healthcare services to the needy.
IIS members will continue look for avenues to help the needy in our community. Charity is a highly revered virtue for both Muslims & Americans.