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IIS has established many committees to allow  the members of the IIS to take active participation in the community affairs.

We invite you to find a committee that appeals to you and join.
​We understand that everyone is busy but it is important to understand that we need to be actively working on improving our center and our community. We will be rewarded by Allah (SWT) for our efforts. 

This is a special reward because it will keep accumulating and compounding on each and every day, inshaAllah.

Following is the list of our committees. 

Building Committee – To take care of upkeep of Masjid; Br. Tahir Zafar

Fund raising Committee – To raise fund for future Masjid; Br. Zakaria Maniya

Finance / Account Committee – To manage Masjid finances; Br. Zia-Ur-Rehman

Outreach Committee – To engage local religious, political and social leadership; Br. Sajid Syed

Religious Committee – To organize regular religious talks and discussions; Br. Shahzad Hussain

Operations Committee – To manage Masjid daily operations; Br. Qaiser Usmani

School Committee – To manage weekend school; Br. Murad Lodhi

Sister Committee – To organize regular activities of interest for sisters; Sr. Sadia Dogar and Sr. Hina Lodhi

Social Committee – To organize events for Masjid community; Br. Ahmed Nawaz and Br. Waqar Qureshi

Religious & Youth Liaison – Act as liaison with local Masajids and with youth; Br. Pervez Rustum

Ramadan and Eid Committee – To manage Ramadan and Eid events; Br. Ahmed Nawaz and Br. Waqar Quershi

Zakat Committee – To manage annual zakat collection and disbursement; Br. Qaiser Usmani